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Top 5 Key Takeaways from LogiPharma Lyon 2024

LogiPharma Lyon 2024 provided an immersive experience that showcased the latest trends and challenges in the pharmaceutical logistics sector. Among the plethora of insights and discussions, five key takeaways emerged, shedding light on critical aspects that shape the industry’s present and future.


  1. Quality First, Risk Managed: Carlos Morales, Director of Global Logistics Controlled Temperature at Eli Lilly, delivered a compelling Keynote Case Study emphasizing the paramount importance of quality in risk management. He urged logistics service providers to be ‘Pharma audit ready,’ stressing the shift towards proactive quality assurance over reactive measures. By prioritizing quality processes, people, and procedures, organizations can inherently mitigate risks, aligning with the industry’s evolving expectations.
  2. The Power of Human Connection: Despite technological advancements, the significance of human interaction remains unparalleled. Face-to-face exchanges at LogiPharma provided a platform for industry specialists to share real-life challenges and foster innovation. Discussions ranged from navigating variances in Good Distribution Practice (GDP) quality standards worldwide to balancing sustainability with quality retention, highlighting the invaluable insights derived from personal connections.
  3. Unlocking Data’s Potential: In recent years, procurement professionals have grappled with the inundation of vendor solutions, leading to disillusionment with data’s efficacy and Return on Investment. However, the key lies in harnessing quality data that offers actionable insights for strategic decision-making. Whether through predictive analytics or operational optimization, quality data emerges as a strategic asset amid the sea of information.
  4. Pharmaceuticals Embrace Digital Transformation: The digital journey is paramount for pharmaceutical companies seeking to centralize information and enhance supply chain visibility. Organizations aim to streamline operations, mitigate risks, and proactively manage their global supply chains through their own control towers and centralized platforms.
  5. Addressing Skills Gaps in the Workforce: As technology reshapes industries, the workforce landscape undergoes profound changes. Employers must prioritize assessing and developing talent to bridge emerging skills gaps effectively. LogiPharma discussions underscored the importance of nurturing a skilled workforce capable of navigating evolving technological landscapes.


Furthermore, a panel discussion spotlighted the challenges and opportunities within the temperature-controlled supply chain. Moderated by Tony Fonk of Spotsee, industry experts from DeSpir Logistics, Bayer, Galdema, Pfizer and Envirotainer delved into digital maturity, defining what ‘great’ meant to panelists regarding digital capabilities and addressing integration challenges with partners. Amy Shortman, representing DeSpir, emphasized, “We understand how we’re using visibility to drive down risk and add value to the customer. Generally, we see in the market that not all players within the supply chain and logistics ecosystems are at the same level of digital maturity.” Read more here.

The consensus emphasized the necessity of aligning digital initiatives with tangible value propositions while overcoming integration hurdles to maximize the potential of digital technologies in temperature-controlled operations. Polling the audience revealed that 65% of session attendees expressed integration challenges with partners, followed by breaking down siloes at 24%.

In essence, LogiPharma Lyon 2024 served as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and strategic alignment within the pharmaceutical logistics sphere, paving the way for industry stakeholders to navigate challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities in an ever-evolving landscape.