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In the movies, the super hero stops it. You know the scene. A dark alley. A truck filled with something valuable, often guns, is emptied while the guards are tied up with ropes in the back. In swoops the masked crusader to save the day. We always wonder: where are the alarms? The armed back-up? What crummy cargo operation is this? That’s not to belittle the threat. Cargo theft of high value freight is a serious issue. Most experts agree cargo theft is a $15 to $30 billion dollar problem each year in the United States alone. On average, there are about 50 cargo thefts per month in the U.S., and the FBI estimates that more than 80% of stolen cargo is never recovered. To minimize your risk of cargo theft, you need to ensure that your logistics provider excels in four key areas, and these areas have nothing to do with relying on masked heroes.

Criminal operations utilize numerous cargo theft schemes, many of which are complex and highly technical. But today’s best logistics providers are not only aware of those schemes, they utilize a slew of technology tools to combat them. These anti-theft tools, which include GPS tracking, panic buttons and remote control engine disabling and locking, can alert authorities to potential problems immediately, and ensure a truck can’t be driven away or doors opened up by anyone other than authorized personnel.

At DeSpir Logistics, we not only take advantage of the best industry technology to reduce cargo theft, but incorporate advanced tech features such as auditable temperature and event logs, and route validation. Our TRU-SECURE Advantage™ quality management system, for example, meshes Alarm Reporting Control (ARC) protocol with email and GMS capabilities, and ties in directly with transportation software and security hardware. Our RouteWatch™ interface includes live video streaming and real-time delivery data.

When it comes to logistics, expertise matters. A company that does not specialize in the nuances of high value cargo theft, for example, won’t be aware of the unique requirements needed to protect against it. You need a company with a proven track record in the products you need to ship, and won’t be fazed or surprised when the unexpected happens (and, in logistics, you should always expect the unexpected). Technology is vital, but the best technology in the world doesn’t mean a thing if it’s not implemented by the right, knowledgeable, hands.

At DeSpir, we couple industry-leading technology with vast experience protecting against cargo theft. It’s expertise that has been recognized: we have been awarded “Best in Cargo Security” by CargoNet. It’s expertise that is exemplified by our vast investigator and supplier network. It’s demonstrated with our thorough route risk assessment process. It’s evident from our “high-touch” service. And it’s proven by our ability to tailor our solutions to your exact needs.

Carrier Quality
Your security against cargo theft is only as good as the carriers transporting it. For example, drivers should only be put behind the wheel after thorough ID verification, background checks and intensive training. Anyone in contact with your cargo needs to be certified, including TSA certification for importing/exporting. Also, the carrier must be fully insured and be able to demonstrate verifiable chain of custody.

To work with DeSpir, you need to be the best of the best. You need to be a freight carrier allowed to ship high value goods and biopharmaceutical freight, and meet our stringent operational requirements for secure transportation. You need to not only insist on best practices: but prove that you adhere to them.

It’s all about the process: sound logistics practices require an experienced, smart approach when transporting goods between suppliers, distribution locations, warehousing facilities and more. What is the best route, with the fewest stops (“Cargo is most at risk when it’s a sitting duck,” according to Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. What verification is required upon pick-up? How experienced are the people doing the check? While many of these aspects are dependent on the technology, carrier quality and expertise, it’s the creation of the process, and adherence to the process, that controls them all, and may be the most important aspect for avoiding cargo theft.

At DeSpir, we aim to integrate as many parts of your supply chain management as possible, eliminating redundancies in order to minimize your expenses while, at the same time, maximizing security. That’s why we provide real-time monitoring via multiple sensors, engage in detailed trailer temperature mapping, use team drivers when appropriate, incorporate both armed and unarmed escort services, prohibit overnight stops or stops within 250 miles of the distribution center, and provide photographic proof of secure pick-up and delivery within 30 minutes of each event.

Protect Yourself From Cargo Theft with DeSpir
DeSpir Logistics is well known for providing shippers the safety and reliability, expertise, hands-on customer service, and innovative logistics technology they need to ensure that their high value freight reaches its final destination safe and on time. At DeSpir, with our leading technology, expertise, carrier quality and process we make cargo theft difficult, and protecting cargo easy.

For more information on safe logistics, please email us at rates@staging.despirlogistics.com or call us at 877-791-2102.