Reduce Costs by Only Paying for the Space Your LTL Freight Requires

LTL - Less Than Truck Load Shipping

Volume LTL freight services offer our customers many of the benefits of full truckload shipping with the cost savings associated with less than truckload. When shipping volume LTL freight, you only pay for the space your cargo utilizes and the the total weight of your portion of the shipment, which results in lower freight costs.


Unlike standard LTL freight, volume loads generally ship faster, often on the same day, as trucks take less time to fill than multiple less than truckload shipments.  Volume LTL freight also has the added advantage of dock to dock shipping, which reduces risk of cargo damage, as opposed to the extra handling regular less than truckload shipments incur on terminal deliveries.

What Qualifies as Volume LTL?

Freight Greater Than 3,000 Pounds

Three or More Pallets

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