Optimize your Supply Chain for Transportation Cost Reduction

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DeSpir Logistics offers shippers fully customizable supply chain solutions to meet the demands of your unique transportation requirements.


Our solutions team analyzes your business and processes to discover a means to reduce freight costs, maximize transportation efficiency, and optimize your supply chain.


We design and implement our solutions, technology, and support team to expertly manage shipping and distribution needs, so you can focus on growing your business.

DeSpir Logistics Service


DeSpir’s Solutions Team runs an in depth audit and analysis of our customer’s supply chain to fully realize transportation requirements and discover opportunities for optimization.


The Solutions team develops an extensive program, encompassing all aspects of transportation management, including network design, process protocol, technology integration, and supply chain analysis.


The program is implemented and the Solutions Team supports all aspects of our customer’s distribution process, from procurement and rate negotiation to execution and settlement services.


Comprehensive analytics and extensive reporting are performed on a monthly basis to continuously refine strategy and improve strategic operations, so our customer reaps the maximum benefits of transportation efficiency and freight cost reduction.