Shipping Hazmat Safely for Business

hazmat shipping

Hazardous materials and chemicals are classified as potentially dangerous to the population and environment, and can be legally and financially dangerous to your business if transported unsafely.


We provide safe, reliable, and environmentally sound transportation services to keep your business DOT compliant.

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Hazmat Logistics

Minimize the Hazards of Shipping Hazmat

DeSpir Logistics FTL Truck Service

When shipping hazmat materials and chemicals, DeSpir Logistics strictly adheres to transportation regulations for dangerous materials.  Our prescreened carriers are hazmat certified and experienced in shipping and handling non-regulated chemicals and hazardous materials.


Our operations team members are veterans of hazmat transportation and always available to offer support and troubleshoot issues 24/7/365.  All hazmat loads are tracked and monitored to ensure full visibility of your shipment.


When your freight is potentially harmful to the environment, entrust DeSpir Logistics to reduce the risk of liability to your business by rigidly adhering to DOT regulations for safe and reliable delivery of your hazardous materials.

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