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Diesel fuel prices Jan. 13 go up for sixth consecutive week

Rising diesel fuel prices continue to trend in 2017, climbing for a sixth straight week to numbers that haven’t been seen at the pump since August 2015.

The national average of on-highway diesel fuel prices rose moderately to $2.597, up 1.1 cents from the prior week.  However, prices have inflated 42 cents more than the same time last year, when diesel was $2.177 a gallon, as reported by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) on January 9th.

The most expensive fuel is located in the West Coast region, with diesel prices averaging at $2.873, up 2.6 cents from last week.  California rose over three cents this week, to $2.953 per gallon, the highest in the nation.  On a two-week surge of more than 12 cents, the Central Atlantic took the second highest spot from West Coast less California with $2.813 per gallon.

The cheapest diesel is in the Gulf Coast, the only region with fuel prices that decreased for the week, ringing in at $2.448 per gallon, three-tenths of a cent less than the week before.

The EIA lists diesel fuel prices Jan. 13 in the other regions of the U.S. as follows:

  • East Coast – $2.648
  • Rocky Mountain – $2.541
  • Midwest – $2.547

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration (Jan 2017)


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