DeSpir Logistics Announces Launch of Their Transportation Services Model Focused on Mission-Critical Shipments

State-of-the-Industry Risk Mitigation and Quality Management System Fuels On-Demand Access to Qualified Carriers

Risk Mitigation

CHICAGO, August 9, 2021– Building on its reputation as a leading 3PL transportation service provider for mission-critical cargo, today, DeSpir Logistics announces the launch of their elevated service model for shippers of ultra-high-value shipments including pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, financial assets and more. The model, fueled by the company’s proprietary Quality Management System, or Risk Assessment and Management Protocol (RAMP), has been institutionalized via their Transportation Management System (TMS).

While DeSpir’s proprietary RAMP system has been vetted and perfected over the past few years, its deployment is particularly timely as it comes on the heels of new regulations – many fueled by stringent transport requirements for the COVID-19 vaccine.

“For the past five years, DeSpir has focused on developing better processes for ensuring the safe transport of lifesaving and business-critical cargo,” says John Carr, DeSpir CEO and Managing Partner. “At the same time, we’re focused on reducing qualified capacity constraints by creating an on-demand logistics network comprised of qualified carriers and security escorts.” 

At the heart of the launch is the digitization of the company’s RAMP system on the McLeod platform, which embeds all mission-critical compliance aspects into each individual shipment. The platform also incorporates analytics from XX and real-time cargo- and asset-monitoring data. DeSpir’s account teams are rigorously trained on RAMP and are required to attend security briefings for each shipment, conduct cargo-specific prechecks to help anticipate and avoid practices that could put the cargo at risk. 

The Model Addresses Every Key Aspect of Mission-Critical Cargo Transport 

  • Availability of rigorously qualified carriers
  • Stringent training, hiring and on-boarding requirements and process for every employee and carrier partner
  • Exacting cargo and route-specific risk management and safety protocols
  • Technology requirements and standard processes that help ensure continuous product integrity
  • Redundancy standards and protocols for loss of communication, unexpected circumstances and natural disasters

About DeSpir Logistics

DeSpir is a leading 3PL transportation service provider that provides on-demand access to qualified mission-critical carriers nationwide. DeSpir rigorously qualifies and manages a network of carriers that comply with standards set by its proprietary quality management and risk mitigation systems. The company’s carrier, security and law enforcement relationships are longstanding, proven and effective. DeSpir collaborates with local task forces and national law enforcement agencies to combat and prevent cargo theft. The company is laser focused on successfully transporting ultra-high-value and highly targeted cargo, including pharmaceuticals, cold chain, high-value electronics, financial assets and more.

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