Cargo theft reporting reveals the most incidents recorded in 2017

This week in cargo theft reporting produced the highest number of events to date in the new year.  At least two thefts occurred per day, with the majority happening on Sunday the 22nd and Monday the 23rd.

Eighteen incidents were recorded from January 18-24, up an astonishing eleven from last week.  Eight extra events from the week of January 10-17 were received by CargoNet, the industry authority on cargo theft prevention and recovery efforts.

California was the most highly targeted spot for cargo theft, with an alarming eight incidents confirmed.  Five tractors were stolen along with cargo that ranged from household items and electronics, to apparel and accessories.  The thefts most frequently occurred in secured yards, on the side of the road, and in rail yards.

Texas followed closely behind with six reported instances, resulting in the loss of three tractors and four trailers.  Commodities taken included household items and commercial/industrial supplies.  Locations of the crimes included secured and unsecured yards, along with warehouse/distribution centers.

Rounding out the top five states under siege were Ohio and Florida with three incidents each, and New Jersey with two events.  Three additional states reported cargo theft occurrences.

The hottest commodity to steal this week was household items, accounting for five cargo theft incidents that all took place in California and Texas.  Eighteen trailers and fifteen tractors were hijacked along with the goods being transported.

Other commodities stolen included:

  • Personal care and beauty items
  • Vehicles and accessories
  • Food and beverages
  • Electronics
  • Apparel and accessories
  • Building materials
  • Commercial/Industrial goods


The safety of secured yards was found to be lacking when thieves managed to target eleven successfully in the last two weeks.  Other easy marks were parking lots, the side of the road, truck stops, and rail yards.

To find out what commodities and locations were targeted the previous week see the January 19th cargo theft incident report.


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