Cargo Theft Alert: 4th of July Weekend is Prime Time for Cargo Thieves

While most Americans are taking time off to celebrate this weekend, cargo thieves will be working overtime on Independence Day.  CargoNet has released a report analyzing the past four years of cargo theft from July 2-9, and the data reveals that there has been a consistent spike in thefts.  This holiday weekend is expected to be especially bad…  The 4th falls on a Monday, which gives cargo thieves ample time to break into loaded trucks that are parked from Friday to Tuesday.

Of the 119 incidents reported, 66% of the cargo thefts occurred in the following five states:

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Florida
  4. Georgia
  5. Illinois


The cargo thefts totaled in over $10 million in freight loss with top commodities including food and beverage, household goods, electronics, and metals.  The most common locations for cargo thieves to hit were parking lots, warehouses, and truck stops.

CargoNet advises shippers and freight brokers to be extremely diligent about vetting carriers before tendering a load.  Cargo thieves are known to utilize fictitious pickups to facilitate a heist.  Shippers should be leery of carriers willing to accept undesirable loads at lower than industry standard rates.

Trucks and trailers that will be parked over the weekend should be equipped with extra security measures.  Barrier seal/padlock combos on trailers and steering column locks inside the cab will reduce theft risk.  It’s recommended to park loaded trucks in secure lots with the trailer doors backed against a wall to prevent entry.

Warehouses and distribution centers are instructed to audit facility safety features before the weekend.  Surveillance equipment, alarm systems and back-up generators should be in good working order to prevent break-ins.  It’s advisable to remove keys from forklifts and other loading equipment, and to lock them in a secure location.

To find out more about protecting freight from cargo thieves, learn why Targeted Valuable Cargo Shouldn’t Be Shipped By Standard Carriers.

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