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The e-commerce market is booming and traditional retailers are adopting new business models to accommodate the growth.  In the past four quarters, the U.S. Commerce Department has reported that retail e-commerce sales have outperformed the previous year’s numbers by more than 15%.  In comparison, retail sales during the same period rose just over two percent. …

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3PL Companies

When it comes to making the choice between working with a 3PL or directly with a carrier, the question is — How much time and capacity does your business have to devote to logistics? Hiring a carrier means dealing another vendor, which involves getting quotes, handling paperwork, and overseeing the shipping process in-house. When you …

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3PL provider facilites

New Q&A explains annual reporting obligations for 3PL provider facilities   The FDA clarified annual reporting requisites for 3PL provider facilities that handle prescription drugs.  The Q&A format focuses on the most frequently asked questions that commenters had about the previously published draft guidance. The document, which was released on January ninth, clarifies who, what, …

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