Cargo theft bills advance in Mississippi and New Mexico
Pending cargo theft bills will impose harsher penalties for crimes New cargo theft bills have been proposed in Mississippi and New Mexico to deter thieves from stealing container, rail, and truck freight with more severe penalties and fines. Cargo theft is a major concern within the logistics industry, as the
February 15-21 cargo theft reporting summary
February 15-21 cargo theft incidents decline Cargo theft is down this week, with nine domestic events reported, half as much as the previous week.  This is contrary to the trend that was threatening to develop in the first half of February, which saw forty-two cargo thefts recorded, two-thirds of the
February 8-15 cargo theft reporting summary
February 8-15 cargo theft incidents continue to rise Cargo theft is trending upwards again this week, with eighteen domestic incidents registered, which is three more than the week prior.  Every day had at least one event reported, but the majority of thefts occurred on Thursday and Friday, the ninth and
Violence escalates during February 1-7 cargo theft events
February 1-7 cargo theft incidents on the rise Cargo theft more than doubled with fifteen domestic incidents registered from the week of February first through the seventh.  While nearly every day had at least on event reported, most thefts occurred on Wednesday and Thursday, the first and second.  One additional
2016 cargo theft incidents down from the year prior, but more costly
Food and beverage, tractors, and California highly targeted in 2016 cargo theft events In 2016, there were 836 cargo theft incidents recorded by CargoNet, the industry leader in cargo theft prevention and recovery efforts.  In the United States and Canada, $114 million in stolen freight was reported.  While the number